Triple cable sets

For use with heat treatment units controlling 30V, 40V, 60V, and 80V heating elements. Includes two double insulated cables for power feed and return, fitted with 300A male and female connectors and one compensating cable fitted with type K thermocouple plug and socket.


  • 15m Triple cable set 135A
  • 30m Triple cable set 135A
  • 30m Triple cable set 180A
  • 30m Triple cable set 280A


Splitter cables

For use with triple cable sets. Splitters are used where the operator needs to connect multiple heating elements, in parallel, to triple cable sets to enable the control of multiple heating elements. This enables the heating elements to be grouped to a single control output from a heat treatment unit to allow accurate zonal temperature control.

Splitter cables Types

  • 2 Way splitter
  • 3 Way splitter
  • 4 Way splitter
  • 5 Way splitter


Heating Element Wire

Heating element core wire and cold tail wire for repair heaters.

Heating Element Wire types

  • 19 Strand 80/20 core wire
  • 19 Strand nickel 212 cold tail wire
  • 19 Strand 60/16 Ni Cr core wire