PTFE sleeves


PTFE SLEEVES Manufactured by BHUWAL INSULATED CABLES PNT.LTD. Have excellent R.F. & high voltage properties, smooth internals, super thermal resistance & freedom from Ageing, fungus & Water absorption make these sleeves more preferred over other conventional. these are designed for all general purpose application for Temptature / voltage insulation & are most ideal as capillaries for medical applications.

PTFE Sleeves manufactured by BHUWAL INSULATION CABLES PVT.LTD. Conforms to JSS 54802, Mil-1-22129. These are available in different coloures & sizes. Bore size range from 0.5mm to 30mm of 14 standards a millimeter sizes in different colours & wall thickness range between 0.25mm to 1.00mm


1) Tape wrapped wires have uniform insulation thickness around conduct as compared to the wires insulates by extrusion process.
2) PTFE is a higher Grade insulating polymer as compared to other Fluorocarbons being used in extrusion process.
3) Performance Characteristics- Operating temperature form - 650oC to + colour
4) resistance to attack by lubricants, Hydraulic Fluids, Aircraft Or Rocket fuel, Atmospheric conditions & virtually all chemicals.

COLOUR RANGE : Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Violet, Grey, White, Pink, Natural.


Flame Retardant : PTFE insulation is Fire proof. In case of short circuit or fire PTFE does not damage.

Heat Resistant : PTFE insulation is heat resistant. If some time it has to carry heavier load then its capacity it will not damage. It is also cold Resistant, it with stands from-600oC up to 260oC.

Save Current : PTFE insulated wires have lower resistance in comparison of PVC insulated wires. In resistant, this wiring save electricity.

Save Space : The diameters of PTFE insulated are much less for the equivalent rate of PVC wires. It allows ,ore numbers of wires into conduct housing.

Long Lasting : PTFE insulated wires have longer life than of PVC insulated wires. PTFE insulation is mechanical stronger than PVC insulation These wires are fire proof, heat proof, moisture proof, chemical proof and fungus proof, etc.

* " Bhuwal Cables ( India ) is the legal manufacturer of this product. "