PVC xlpe cable


1.1 k.v grade, copper / aluminum Conductor, XLPE insulated, Cores laid up to and PVC inner Sheath, G.I.steel wire / strip - ARMOURED / UNARMOURED and overall HR PVC /FR / FRLS / PVC sheathed cable “ISI MARKED”.

Conductor : Stranded /Solid, Circular, Shaped Aluminum / Copper - IS 8130/1984

Insulation: Cross Linked polyethylene (XLPE).

Acssembly: Insulated Conductor are laid up together if necessary interstices may be filled with filler.

Filters : Non-hygroscopic poly propylene filler are included between laid up cores wherever required.

Bedding / Inner Sheath :Extruded PVC compatible with operating temperature.

Armoured : For Single core - aluminum round wire/ flat strip for multicore - galvanished steel round wire / flat strip.

Unarmoured : Galvanished flat strip / wire is not provided.

Outer Sheath : HR PVC / FR / FRSL PVC can be used for Outer sheat a variety of enviornment and fire risk conditions.

Minimum Bending Radius : 15XD (for single core), 12XD (for multi - core), D-Overall Diameter of cable (mm)

Admissible Pulling Force (when pulled pulling eye) : Aluminum - 30N/mm, Copper 50N/mm

Additional Option : Overall shielding with Aluminum mylar tape with 100% coverage & 25% overlap an laip up cores for static rejection.

* " Bhuwal Cables ( India ) is the legal manufacturer of this product. "